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TG-6 First Impressions: Pete Bullen

Award-winning photographer, Pete Bullen, lives and works in Gozo, the sister island to Malta. Pete offers guiding and coaching for photographers tired of being hurried around a guided circuit, coaching in all aspects of underwater and land based photography and spends hours in the water every year capturing the memory for divers learning to dive and setting out on their new adventure. Read below how he got on with the new TG-6.

For a couple of years, I told everyone I could how good the TG-5 was and that I thought it is the best travel camera in the world. But I was wrong! The TG-6 has overtaken its predecessor at the top. This tiny little camera packs a massive punch and a genuinely tough body.

As a professional underwater and landscape photographer, I always have cameras around me but unless I take a sherpa with me it’s not normally practical to drag more than one camera around, particularly underwater. But often whilst shooting or guiding with a wide-angle rig I’ll spot something small, rare, etc. and the 8mm fisheye just won’t cut it, that’s when my TG-6 comes into its own. Underwater I love its macro and microscope modes I can get closer to sensitive or tiny animals and get into spaces a bigger rig can’t go. If I’m planning a shallow dive then I don’t bother with the housing but even when in the housing I can fit it into a pocket out of the way until needed.

On land, when travelling, when walking the dog or scouting locations it is just as versatile and it’s completely weatherproof. On days when I might worry about getting cameras or lenses wet the TG-6 just does what I need without me worrying in the slightest. In the past I had a TG-4, then a 5 and now the TG-6. Each one is a major step-change, no minor incremental tweaks with these cameras – each evolution delivers serious new functions and improvements. For me, the biggest change between the 6 and the 5 are the added HDR options and the ability to have a degree of control over the shutter speed. Let me be clear, the TG-6 isn’t perfect but it is pretty close, RAW which came with the launch of the TG-5 was a big step but what I still want to see is the magic M¬†on the control dial. Please, Olympus trust us to be able to shoot in manual mode and I’ll be a happy man.

Overall though, this camera is the best travel and family camera on the market, small, tough, capable and well made. At BBQs it’s extremely popular – I let friends and their kids use it in and out of the swimming pool, secure in the knowledge that the kids can’t break it. It’s in my pocket when I go snorkelling and with the ring flash or the wide conversion lens it extends my range of photography options no end.

Thanks Olympus.

Stay tuned for more TG-6 action from Pete and our Olympus Ambassadors to come soon!

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